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Policy EPTI is basically an IT consulting company that has developed rapidly to create its own products and services and invest in other companies and joint ventures. The areas the companies operate in always have a connection to IT but with a breadth from music apps and e-commerce platforms to connected technology and business improvement. The company operates in Stockholm, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Malta, Serbia and Poland.

Our overall position is that we want to contribute to society, the environment and do this in an ethical way through digital services and connected products.

Through our geographical spread, we naturally work for diversity in religion, ethnicity, gender and social aspects.

EPTI strives to work in line with ISO 26000 based on what is relevant to our business. The policy applies to all companies within EPTI Group AB. We have also familiarized ourselves with Agenda 2030 to gain a deeper understanding of how we through our operations can best contribute to sustainable development by the year 2030.


We are beginning to become a sufficiently large player in our market that what we do can have an impact. We thus understand that we have a responsibility to work for sustainable development based on what is relevant to our business. We use ISO 26000 in order to learn more and take our responsibility as the outside world and stakeholders expect. We invite employees, customers, partners and suppliers to come up with views and ideas on how we can improve our work to create value for society and stakeholders in general.


Our sustainability policy and other relevant documents are available to everyone via our website as part of our work on transparency and to promote that our stakeholders have sufficient insight into the business to be involved and influence it in a positive direction. We strive to be open with the improvement measures we work with and where the challenges lie. At the same time, we want to encourage our customers and other stakeholders to get involved in the work for sustainable development.

Ethical conduct

We base our conduct on values ​​of justice, integrity and truthfulness. We strive to always act with care for people, animals and the environment in accordance with the intentions of this policy.

Respect for stakeholders

We have identified the most important stakeholders such as Employees, Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Society, Authorities and Investors. With these, we always strive to act ethically in line with other information in this policy and protect sensitive information. We constantly work with responsibility issues in data security and personal data according to GDPR. We ensure that all projects for the customer as well as the companies we own work in line with GDPR and have taken measures with separate databases, encryption of databases, DDOS protection etc.

Respect for the law and compliance with international standards of conduct

We respect the principles of the rule of law and take responsibility for our actions and follow international standards of conduct.

Given our multinationality, we act on the basis of each country’s national laws and ensure that all taxes are handled correctly when transferring between national borders. Everything is ensured by auditors and accounting consultants in Sweden.

Respect for human rights

We respect human rights, which are also the basis of ISO 26000.

We have made a special effort in the issue of equality and have worked to recruit women, which has resulted in industry-leading equality with 50% of the management being women (except the founders). ) and a total of 35% of the company as a whole. We promote the possibility of parental leave for both parents and go further than the statutory rules require in some of the countries in which we operate. There is absolute freedom of religion and opinion and we treat all people with respect.

We do not accept forced labor or child labor.

Issues for social responsibility:

We have chosen the most important issues for our particular business below:


governance We have recruited professional board members with experience in listed and international companies who, among other things, have been responsible for financial committees.

Working conditions

We strive to have the best working conditions in the industry, where we also conduct employee surveys according to NPS, which in 2020 gave a result of 76, which is considered “excellent” according to the norm.

We have a stated policy regarding switching off notifications and not working on weekends or evenings unless it is explicitly necessary, whereupon in those cases we give bonuses to the employees concerned.

We also have “Cozy Fridays” where everyone can hang out during working hours without payroll deduction, we then offer drinks and snacks (alcohol-free for those who are believers or do not want this).

We also have an activity every summer where everyone is invited for a working week to a house near the beach / swimming without work and where EPTI covers the cost excluding the trip there.

We constantly conduct training and personal development interviews to promote all employees’ opportunities for development.


We work very digitally between the different countries via different applications and strive to choose the best means of transport from an environmental point of view in all journeys based on itinerary.

Furthermore, we strive to recycle to the highest extent, but given the digital nature of the business, not much is printed. All agreements are written as far as possible via digital signature.

Work from home is allowed to a large extent, which also reduces the environmental impact.

Responsible business practices

We distance ourselves from all types of corruption and bribery, which is also extra important for us given the countries in which we operate, where this still occurs more than in some other markets.

We conduct our business in accordance with the competition laws that exist in each market.

Professionalism and transparency are key words in our actions regarding all stakeholders.

This policy is applied to all companies within the group and the policy is revised annually.

Stockholm 2020-12-22

Arli Mujkic, CEO


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