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We empower innovation. Using distributed teams to build, invest in and transform ideas globally. A venture builder crafting the companies of the future.


What is Venture Building?

A venture builder is a studio-like company that aims at building several companies in succession. This style of business building is referred to as "parallel entrepreneurship".

We differ from traditional venture capital, a startup or an incubator / accelerator. Picking the strongest elements from each part, and putting together a combination of options, we provide a full offering that few can match.

We create companies from scratch, together with partners, as well as invest technology and money into current companies.

How do we build ventures?

Since no situation is ever the same, we have four different models all represented by a letter in our company’s name. This enables us the flexibility to operate in any form of venture to create maximum impact.

Enterprise model

Providing teams and consulting services to existing larger companies. Our service model charges per hour or per project.

Partner model

Providing teams and services to create a new company together with an existing company. We form a new entity where both parties contribute.

Transform model

Providing teams and services to our own products where we aim to create innovation in service markets, business models, technological advancements or all these combined.

Invest model

Providing teams and services to an existing (usually smaller) company. In this model we combine charging a per hour or a per project fee as well as an investment consisting of between 25-50% in equity.


Harmonizing our flexible methodology, multi-disciplinary talent and expansive business network, we have a unique position to find market gaps and satisfying real needs of both consumers and businesses. That’s how we take our companies to the next dimension. Over the past two years we've taken positions in 10 companies and the goal is to double that in the coming year.

Some of
Our People
Arli Mujkic
Arli Mujkic
Founder & CEO

”Ever since I started coding at an early age, I have loved to build! I envisioned early on a platform of great talent building great things together. EPTI is that platform. A lifelong vision comes to life. A place where companies of the future are born.”

Rikard Ljungman
Rikard Ljungman
COO of Parkamo

”Parkamo is a simple and user-friendly parking aggregation app – combining borderless P2P parking with operator owned and on-street parking from multiple providers in a unique one-platform solution. A simple idea but with a very complex solution. I am very impressed with EPTI’s Venture Building team behind Parkamo.”

Antonela Mamuca
Antonela Mamuca

”I don’t believe in saying ‘born under a lucky star’. I’d say you have to try hard to find a lucky star and work even harder to earn your place beneath it.”

Tord Lendau
Tord Lendau

”I am proud and pleased to work with young entrepreneurs in our endeavor to create profitable, scalable and unique solutions to the targeted business segments where we can make a difference.”

Måns Pontén Söderlind
Måns Pontén Söderlind

”Working within the EPTI framework – it’s not the sky that’s the limit but rather space. Being entrepreneurial, identifying the good ideas and ventures from the bad, forming investment strategies and, most of all, realizing dreams for myself, and my co-workers, is an amazing experience.”

Megan Easey
Megan Easey
CEO of PayXPlay

”A world class customer experience and true employee happiness are at the very core of my work ethic.
Joining EPTI has provided a golden opportunity, with the outstanding PayXPlay product and the incredibly talented team, to take this vision to market.”

Entrepreneur, potential partner, talent or investor?