PE Accounting and EPTI introduces a service for the growing gig-economy

At the European fintech conference, Shift Money, EPTI COO Antonela Mamuca introduced a joint venture with PE Accounting called Workamo.

Workamo simplifies and streamlines the administration for freelancers in the so-called gig economy and makes the handling of invoices, salaries and handling giggers faster, cheaper and easier.

Today, the ”giggers” make up about 20% of the workforce in Sweden and the proportion is growing. The options that are available are expensive, inflexible and semi-digital.

“Realizing Workamo, both as an idea and company together with PE Accounting, is something that we are really looking forward to. Together with PE’s truly digital system and EPTI’s venture builder model, we will solve a major problem in the gig economy.”
– Arli Mujkic, CEO and Founder, EPTI.

Through Workamo and the new way of doing business, ”cloud company”, it becomes more cost-effective to be self-employed, full-time or part-time, and easier to book and manage the administration of self-employees. All this in a modern and fully digital gig platform that we have named Workamo – “Power to the gig economy”. The platform is built from the ground up with both the gigger and the companies using giggers in mind. Since most of the market focused only on the gigger, and had the company second in mind, Workamo has focused on how the relationship between the different user types should be as smooth as possible. Getting started with Workamo’s ”cloud company”, or B2B service, will take no more than a few minutes no matter what type of user you are.

“We look forward to doing this with EPTI. Their strong technical background and entrepreneurial spirit combined with our technology and know-how within economy immediately makes this a strong player within the gig-economy.”
– Olle Rydqvist, CEO, PE Accounting.

“As one of the early users of PE Accounting in an earlier company, I’ve seen how their service has evolved to being the best in the market, something I can say after using most of the other digital platforms. To then have the opportunity to create a company together around something so fast growing as the gig-economy is truly exciting.”
– Måns Pontén Söderlind, VP & Partner, EPTI.

Workamo is going live Q1 2020, for more information or inquiries, please contact us here.

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