Parkamo moves to Germany
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The EPTI company, Parkamo AB, is making a strategic move. After receiving interest from both investors and partners in Europe’s largest market, Parkamo’s board decided to move the company to the automotive (automobility) mecca of Europe, Münich, Germany. Coinciding with the Q4 launch of EPTI’s new hub in Münich, EPTI will continue to support its venture with software development.

Parkamo now provides users the best coverage and is the most expansive parking app in Sweden with the release of this week’s build. The move also marks the next step in the roll-out plan, namely to begin covering the German parking market and fast-forward the parking digitalization process there.

During December 2019, the company Parkamo GmbH was formed and Parkamo AB formalized the transfer of assets to the new juristic person. Moving forward, Parkamo AB will be replaced by Parkamo GmbH, which will continue to provide the best parking experience for all users in its active markets.

Parkamo expects to be able to announce strategic partnerships with several German companies in the near future.

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