Parkamo GmbH files for controlled bankruptcy

EPTI AB (publ) (“EPTI”) today announces that its’ subsidiary Parkamo GmbH (“Parkamo” or “the Company”), after a comprehensive analysis, and in consultation with the company’s legal representative, has filed an application for bankruptcy with the German General Court, Amtsgericht. The decision follows the ruling in the Patent and Market Court that was announced through a release on January 27, 2022 and aims to best protect the interests of Parkamo’s shareholders. EPTI controls 59 percent of the votes in Parkamo and the Company accounts for seven percent of the net asset value in EPTI.

Following an extensive commercial and risk analysis, Parkamo in consultation with its legal representative, has decided to file an application for bankruptcy in order to best protect the interests of its shareholders. A protracted legal process with uncertain outcome risks having extensive negative effects for Parkamo’s owners.

“As a long-term investor, we are of course deeply disappointed by the outcome in Court which led to Parkamo today deciding to file for bankruptcy. I would like to emphasize that the ruling contains a number of motives that can be questioned. Among other things, it does not take into account important technical details of how the data has been collected. Therefore, it feels extra reluctant to accept the court’s decision. In the midst of all this, we remain optimistic about the development of mobility and parking and EPTI aims to continue to invest in the field”, says Arli Mujkic, CEO, EPTI AB.

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