M2BIT changes name to EPTI
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We are proud to announce we are taking another step in this companys history and it starts with a major change. A name change from M2BIT -> EPTI! Confused? Yes we know.

The reasons behind this are several, but mostly because it represents a another step going forward, a clearer vision, a clearer name and a more global brand. A wise man once said ”To move forward is letting go of the past.” Moving forward for us means improving, to do better and be better. To continue the vision of doing what we love most: building and giving more people access to a digital lifestyle. That is what our new slogan ”We empower innovation.” stands for!

With this step we also make it very clear that we are what is a so called ”Venture Builder”. A studio like company that builds startups, or for short a company that builds companies. We will continue with the same strategy to build, invest in and transform ideas globally. Today we have a portfolio of total 10 companies, we aim to double this in the coming year. That means that we will continue to grow, more talented people will join and more locations will be hosted. Super exciting!

Looking forward to take this journey forward with all of you!

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