EPTI joint venture Workamo recruits new CEO & partner
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The venture builder EPTI and its Joint venture with PE Accounting, Workamo, has recruited a CEO and Partner, Olof Norlander.

Olof has a background as a business leader in loan brokerage, media and debt collection tech solutions. He has been working with companies such as Mediaplanet, MyLoan (Insplanet), Waya, Creddo, among others.

I’m very excited to get started at Workamo and looking forward to be a part of changing the conditions for gigers and freelancers through a cheaper, easier and more accessible platform.
– Olof Norlander,
CEO Workamo

During the beta launch in Q1 of 2020 a number of customers have been using the system with high customer satisfaction and the service will be opened up to the public within the coming weeks.

We’ve had great success with our customers so far and are very excited to see the progress that will be made the coming months with Olof onboard.
– Måns Pontén Söderlind,
VP & Partner EPTI

Through Workamo and the new way of doing business, ”cloud company”, it becomes more cost-effective to be self-employed, full-time or part-time, and easier to book and manage the administration of self-employees. All this in a modern and fully digital gig platform that we have named Workamo – “Power to the gig economy”. Based on PE Accountings leading digital backend Workamo can provide the most automatic service and lowest prices in the industry.

The platform is built from the ground up with both the gigger and the companies using giggers in mind. Since most of the market focused only on the gigger, and had the company second in mind, Workamo has focused on how the relationship between the different user types should be as smooth as possible. Getting started with Workamo’s ”cloud company”, or B2B service, takes no more than a couple of minutes no matter what type of user you are.

For interest in the service, contact Olof at [email protected]

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