EPTI invests in Nordic Executive Medicine

The venture builder EPTI is announcing its latest investment (and first joint venture with sales partner Key Solutions) in the healthcare provider Nordic Executive Medicine (NEM), marking its first official investment into this field.

NEM is focused on delivering precision medicine based solutions for improved health and increased quality of life. This is achieved by an unparallelled service that includes comprehensive onboarding processes with genomic and epigenetic analyses, laboratory testing, measurements of metabolic responses and various other scientifically validated methods, which, when applied to a clinical setting, establish a baseline health status for each new member. From that baseline, a set of digital tracking devices and regular follow-ups are added to ensure that the customer reaches his/her desired goals in regard to healthspan. In addition, the service is coupled with 24/7 access to concierge physicians.

EPTI will provide further technological framework, to enable NEM’s customers a seamless experience that connects the multitude of its offerings – and enhanced digital solutions that will increase the efficiency of the physicians and healthcare staff working at NEM.

As a family man and an entrepreneur, I have been looking for a sustainable way to optimize my health and energy. With NEM’s strategy for precision medicine and data mapping, I have been able to transform my own energy and health in ways that I could not have imagined. We at EPTI see huge benefits in making this service available, and accessible, to everyone, in order to help communities lower the burden of aging-associated and lifestyle related disease. Becoming a part of this project and helping others to optimize and improve their health is a most important task. With our tech team onboard, we are looking forward to contribute to the rewarding work that lies ahead.
– Arli Mujkic
Founder and CEO of EPTI

NEM is already establishing collaborations with leading operators and institutions and the number of customers is growing steadily – top physicians working with state of the art medicine are continuously joining the team. With the current COVID-19 situation, NEM has also worked with several companies and helped them with the testing of their employees, mitigating risks and facilitating safe cross-border travel for business.

We are proud to be working with EPTI in making our services available to a broad customer base. By digitizing our solutions, NEM will be able to grow on a global scale. This is a vital endeavour, if we are to have a chance of succeeding in our goal of creating a lasting public health impact.
– Dr. Mahir Vazda, M.D
Specialist of Internal Medicine
CEO, Nordic Executive Medicine

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