EPTI Investment Event 2019
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EPTI AB, Stockholm-based Venture Builder, concludes its first EPTI Investment Event!

EPTI AB was overjoyed that as many as 50 attendees, including prominent investors, entrepreneurs and corporate finance firms, joined the event at our new location Strandvägen 7A. EPTI founder and CEO Arli Mujkic presented EPTI AB and our unique business model. Following the break, keynote speaker Rikard Ljungman, CEO of Parkamo AB, presented EPTI’s vision of a future with frictionless parking via our unrivaled aggregation service. Overlooking the beautiful Strandvägen promenade, attendees mingled and enjoyed scrumptious canapes and drinks provided by Hotel Diplomat during the networking pauses.

Moving forward, EPTI AB plans to host an EPTI Investment Event in subsequent years. Future events will focus on presenting new ventures and potential investments to the investment community.

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