EPTI and GoMahiMahi launch German Joint Venture SmartFormular

The venture builder EPTI is announcing its latest joint venture together with German sales professional company GoMahiMahi, which makes collecting patient data digital, safer and easier.

SmartFormular currently targets doctor and dental practices where it can replace the old paper form that has to be filled in by the patient to provide them with digital and up to date information.

The patient or user just scans a QR code at the practice with their own phone, types in the information and signs digitally. The information can also be saved and updated so if used before it will automatically fill it in.

The upside for the practice is that they have an easier time handling all the information and to also be able to remind the patient or user about things of importance after the visit has been made.

By applying lessons and practices we have implemented in Sweden, we think this will be well received in Germany which is a great country but where many things are still done with pen and paper. With SmartFormular we hope to reduce administration for doctors, dentists and other medical professionals so they can focus on what really matters.
– Arli Mujkic
CEO & co-founder, EPTI

SmartFormular is build as an adaptive smart form which easily can be customized for other businesses and use cases which will be released in the coming weeks.

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