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Arli Mujkic

Board Member, CEO & Founder

Experience: Arli has studied at the MSc in Media Engineering at Linköping University. Arli has experience in leading entrepreneurial technology-focused companies and building companies from scratch. He co-founded companies such as TrueVision3D LLC, PartyBux Ltd and is the former CEO of Mbit Studio. Arli also has several years of experience in the role of CTO and Partner through involvement in the companies Keynote Media Group and Coinflip.

Current assignments: Arli is currently Chairman of the Board of InBanner AB, Workamo AB, Apotekamo AB, SaaS Store International AB, Eplik 202001 AB, EPTI Factory AB, M2BIT Holding AB, Nordic Executive Medicine AB and a board member of Oodash AB, Uppsägning AB and EllaMia AB.

Holdings: Arli owns through a company 397,112 shares in EPTI AB and 0 shares in Invajo Technologies AB. Following the completion of the Transaction, Arli owns 47,497,884 shares in the Company.

Board member, CEO & Founder since 2017

Måns Pontén Söderlind

Vice President

Experience: Måns has many years of experience from working as a management and sustainability consultant in leading positions at Intrum Justitia AB, Swedbank AB and Tele2 AB. Furthermore, Måns has experience from leading technical positions having worked as CTO at Hubbster AB. Måns started working at EPTI with commercial and business development activities and is since 2019 Vice President at EPTI.

Current assignments: Måns is currently Chairman of Agnostic AB and a board member of Workamo AB and MPSO Holding AB.

Holdings: Måns owns through a company 28 857 shares in EPTI AB, 0 shares in Invajo Technologies AB. Following the completion of the Transaction, Måns owns 3,451,536 shares in the Company.

Deputy CEO since 2018

Adam Bäckström

Chief Financial Officer

Experience: Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kristianstad University. Adam has many years of experience in accounting, finance and regulatory compliance in stock market companies. Adam has experience as CFO at Invajo and leading positions in the industrial group Gycom Group AB as, among other things, Group Accounting Manager and Finance and Logistics Manager in its subsidiary Enequi AB.

Current assignments: Adam is currently a board member of XCI AB, AppInConf AB, Memlin AB and AppInConf Holding AB and deputy board member of Highstream AB.

Holdings: at the time of the company description, Adam owns 0 shares in EPTI AB, 8,700 shares privately and through family in Invajo Technologies AB, 75,000 warrants of series 2020/2023. After the completion of the Transaction, Adam owns 8,700 shares in the Company.

Chief Financial Officer since 2021

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