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Parking aggregator. and AirBnB for parking.

Parkamo Green Parking – worlds first climate compensated parking

Parkamo Green Parking is the world’s first parking app that includes climate compensation. For each parking you do with us you will help the environment. Green Parking is done in cooperation with Swedish based which will secure that the money will go directly to Gold Standard project such as solar energy in India and tree planting in Panama. Green Parking is valid on all parkings but on parkings marked with a green P we will boost this even more and compensate for 20km of driving.

Easily find the cheapest parking and provider at your location

Have you ever used price comparison sites to find the cheapest product? With Parkamo you can finally do the same for parking. When using Parkamo we will show you nearby parkings with a simple $-sign rating.
If there are multiple parking providers at one parking we will do the same for each provider and show you which one is the cheapest! After choosing, you login* once with your account from that provider and can start/stop/prolong your parking from the Parkamo app.
* You need to have their app installed and a valid account for each provider

Zone Pricing & Real Time Parking Space Availability

All Parking-Apps in one with Price Comparison

Software & Hardware for Lots and Garages

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