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Corporate digital strategy activation platform. Integrated process support from the top down.

What is Hubbster?

Hubbster Activate is a digital, smart method for activating strategies and engagement in both large and small companies and organizations. We make the strategy activation a natural part of the strategy process and transform words into action and results.

How does it work?

The tool has integrated process support that aids both strategy owners and workers, ensures efficiency, and motivates workers to use the strategy in a unique way. The tool is highly automated, so that strategy owners can use their time for feedback and inspiration rather than just managing and delegating.

What does it lead to?

By motivating and involving workers in the implementation, you foster engagement and motivation, anchor the strategy within the entire organization, and transform silent knowledge into concrete value. With Hubbster Activate, you increase use of the strategy from on average 5% to over 60%.

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