EPTI Summer Office 2019 in Split, Croatia
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EPTI AB, Stockholm-based Venture Builder, concludes another successful Summer Office event!

2018’s event was one to beat but we rose to the challenge! This years Summer Office was hosted in Split, Croatia and included; action-packed rafting excursions, an exclusive, chartered boat tour around the beautiful Adriatic coast, sun-soaked beach trips, team-building games, thought-provoking workshops with guest speakers, and certainly a lot of food, drinks and fun! This year, the entire company, including management, board, and advisories, joined the team for another amazing week together.

EPTI AB hosts a Summer Office retreat every year, location to be decided, where the team (including shareholders, board members, advisors and prominent guests) get together to network, inspire, teach, and entertain each other in a positive environment.

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