EPTI invests in ModelManagement.com
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EPTI signs an agreement with ModelManagement.com with an order value of € 508,000 with payment in 50% shares via a convertible loan and 50% cash

EPTI (“EPTI” or “the Company”) has in the interim report Q3 2021 published an agreement with ModelManagement.com (“MM”), and EPTI can now publish further details in the agreement. The agreement has a total order value of € 508,000 where EPTI as compensation for the technology development receive shares to a value of € 254,000 in MM and the remaining € 254,000 is received through cash payment. With the agreement, EPTI also enters into a strategic partnership with MM by delivering technical expertise to the company.

ModelManagement.com is a digital marketplace for models, talents and influencers based on transparency, trust and security. The investment will strengthen the development and launch of MM user-friendly product ranges whose purpose is to become a leader in accelerating the digital transformation of the model industry.

In total, EPTI is investing € 254,000, Angelgate AG € 500,000, which is a European network of business angels of which EPTI is a member, and other investors invest € 750,000 in the rights issue.

The announcement follows the recent announcement of a strategic partnership between ModelManagement.com and payments giant Deel, geared towards helping models get paid on time, and on their own terms.

The ModelManagement.com ecosystem is trusted by over 1 million models and influencers worldwide; 50,000 brands including MTV, H&M & Garnier, agencies and photographers; and is home to over 10 million model images.

With over 20+ years experience across the industry spectrum, ModelManagement.com CEO Andreas von Estorff is passionate about leading the digital transformation of the modeling world, while leveraging innovations in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to help models and their clients manage their image rights and payments with a greater sense of confidence and clarity.

To date, ModelManagement.com has raised $2 million USD via seed and angel investments, and is set to close its Series A round later this year.

Andreas von Estorff, CEO of ModelManagement.com said: “EPTI employ a disciplined approach to company building, from ideation, to market fit, to product launch. Leveraging their extensive experience and technological resources will be invaluable on our mission to digitize the modeling industry. This announcement represents another firm seal of approval in our platform, as we aim to close our Series A round in the coming months.”

Måns Pontén Söderlind, CCO of EPTI said: “With a hugely exciting value proposition, the ModelManagement.com ecosystem is set to redefine the global modeling landscape. We’re delighted to help Andreas and the team assertively take a market-leading position, with a digital platform offering convenient, user-centric features, attuned to the contours of today’s modeling sector.”

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Information about EPTI
EPTI invests capital and operational support for companies, entrepreneurs and founders to build market-leading innovative companies under the motto “We Empower Innovation”. As a venture builder, this is done by adding experience from other founders, capital, resources, processes, state-of-the-art technology as well as commercial execution and marketing. EPTI also starts companies and joint ventures with driven co-founders and companies. The companies in EPTI’s portfolio are in the segments Gaming, Fintech, Marketplace, SaaS and Services. Since the start in 2017, a portfolio of more than 25 companies has been built up, of which the majority-owned companies comprise a total of approximately 200 coworkers in seven countries around Europe. EPTI is more than an investment company, it is partly an investment company and partly a service company. A venture builder for founders, by founders.

Information about ModelManagement
ModelManagement.com is a digital marketplace for models, talents, and influencers built on the principles of transparency, trust and safety, helping clients around the world source models and talents for their projects. ModelManagement.com is leading the digital transformation of the modelling world, while leveraging innovations in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to help models and their clients manage their image rights and payments with absolute confidence and clarity.

To help aspiring models entering the space navigate the inherent industry challenges and risks, the company launched the Model Academy — an online educational course for industry newcomers, led by seasoned models from the ModelManagement.com ecosystem. The company’s ‘More than Models’ podcast also provides in-depth interviews with models and influencers, charting their career trajectories and providing invaluable advice to prospective talents.

For more information, see Venture’s website www.modelmanagement.com

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