EPTI broadens the circle of owners and increases Net Asset Value to over SEK 370M
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Despite the current global situation, 2020 was summed up as the best year in the company’s history. EPTI has gone from 50 to 100 employees, established itself in two new countries and seen the company’s Net Asset Value increase by over 70%.

During the winter, the startup factory EPTI brought in new shareholders and partners as part of the strategy to increase exposure to various industries through investors with industry expertise.

Among the existing and new shareholders who bought shares are Sebastian Nyaiesh via his family office AllaNova (lawyer, angel investors and board professional, previous exit in the Polarica Group), Emanuel Lipschütz (founder Netsafe, angel investor and cyber security expert), Michael Hjorth (co-founder Tre Vänner AB and angel investor), Afshin Monazam (founder Net Solution Partner AB) and Sirous Kia (partner Fair Investments, angel investor) and others. The shares were traded at a 15% net asset value discount, i.e. a valuation of SEK 316M.

After meeting Arli and understanding the potential of his vision together with the value EPTI has already created in a short time, it was a matter of course for us to want to be part of the future.” – Michael Hjorth and Emanuel Lipschütz

All shares come from the EPTI founders who continue to control 70% of the company.

We believe that the best thing for EPTI’s future is to bring in more shareholders with different skills and networks. At the same time, we firmly believe in EPTI and therefore chose not to sell more, even though there was tremendous interest due to the company’s strong development in such a short time. The portfolio is expected to increase dramatically by 3-4 portfolio companies per year over the next three years!”-Arli Mujkic CEO and Founder

Employee satisfaction has also remained high with a Net Promoter Score of 76 (scale -100 to 100), despite the lack of physical meetings, as the company since its inception has worked with distributed teams, including many digital routines and methods to maintain a strong corporate culture. The employees consist of about 30% women and 70% men, seven nationalities and nine languages.

The group’s turnover increased by approximately 50% every year since starting three years ago, and is forecast to increase by as much as 100% in 2021, as many of the portfolio companies grew tremendously during 2020. This is only the beginning.” -Måns Pontén Söderlind Executive Vice – CEO and Partner

EPTI are partners in 17 companies with several new ones that will be public during H1 2021. Two of those ventures are now raising capital, Parkamo which is a parking app aggregator and technology supplier with exclusive agreements, such as Parkman in Sweden and Peter Park in Germany. The other company is Workamo, which is a platform that makes it easy to invoice and remitt salary payments at a very advantageous fee. In addition to this, there are also companies such as InBanner (with Trustly as a shareholder and partner) and SaaS Store, a Software-as-a-Service marketplace, which will be launched on saasstore.com.

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