EPTI venture Parkamo sponsors T3 & GTC Race, climate compensates event
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Parkamo sponsors T3 Motorsport in the ADAC GT Masters and the Lausitzring GTC Race by compensating for all race cars‘ CO2 emission.

At this weekend’s event an incredible amount consisting of 6000 liters of gasoline (13.25ton CO2), encompassing 15 race cars’ entire CO2 output for the event, was compensated for by planting 100 trees – making the whole GTC weekend race in Lausitzring completely green!

The initiative was a part of the sponsorship by Parkamos Green Parking and is carried out with a Gold Standard certificate from Klimatkompensera.se (Tricorona). The sponsorship was well received by the teams and created significant interest in how using Parkamo, the world’s first green parking aggregator and price comparison tool, can shift in the legacy parking world towards more transparent pricing and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

We want to increase awareness and provide solutions to the CO2 output of using cars. Parking is an essential part of our economic ecosystem but “Green Parking” is a way to mitigate the negative climate effects. Parkamo saw the opportunity to create a fantastic, frictionless parking tool and simultaneously climate compensate the drivers daily CO2 emissions. In a cost-effective way, each parking can now be completely climate-compensated.” – Arli Mujkic, CEO EPTI Group

The ADAC GT Masters is a grand tourer-based auto racing series founded by the international Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO) and supported by the German ADAC automotive club.

GTC Race began in 1990 with the Hockenheim Cup. There are two separate races, two qualifying sessions and a practice session. They are divided into different classes. In addition, the 60-minute Goodyear 60 race takes place at every event of the GTC Race.

T3 Motorsports was founded in November 2018 with the aim of promoting young, talented and hopeful drivers who have already achieved their first successes, but do not have the financial backing and legacy connections to take part in such high-class racing series. In doing so, they give these drivers the opportunity to develop themselves further and to reach the top of the world in motorsport.

Parkamo is a parking aggregator, price comparison and “Green Parking” app which helps you find cheap parking while doing good for the environment. Today it covers 20 countries, 4380 cities and 45017 areas, which span a single parking lot to entire cities, making it the parking app with largest coverage in Europe.

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