Beatly and Workamo launch partnership – the first solution that meets all the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements
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Beatly, a Swedish influencer network, has in recent years has shown tremendous growth and has been an obvious choice for many successful influencers. Beatly and Workamo have decided on an active collaboration in order to find the best possible solution for Beatly’s so-called “micro influencers”, which is aimed at those who do not run companies themselves. Workamo’s service offers influencers the opportunity to report benefits, pay taxes & social security contributions, be insured and have the opportunity for pension provisions if desired and more.

We, as well as all other major players in the market, received a fundamental audit by the Swedish Tax Agency last year. The Swedish Tax Agency’s clarification simplified the process but it was unclear what options are available with existing gig services as none follow the exact process. Workamo ticks off the important improvement points and what we believe is the first company in our industry that meets all requirements.” – Andreas Missirlis Eliasson – CEO – Co-Founder at Beatly.

Beatly wants to draw attention to the fact that many influencers receive products, instead of cash compensation, for marketing jobs and that it should be possible to demand compensation for a job that also pays one’s rent.  Utilizing Workamo’s proprietary platform, Beatly and the influencer can easily report benefits so that it is reported as a salary, which in the long run will be a tremendous advantage for influencers.

We look forward to being the first to come up with a solution, and to creating an integrated partnership, in which we give Beatly’s influencers the opportunity to correctly invoice without owning a company. It may at first be perceived as negative, but it puts the correct pressure on companies that hire Beatly, as well as other influencer networks, to do the right thing in terms of benefits. Gadgets do not pay the rent but monetary compensation does.” says Olof Norlander, CEO of Workamo.

Workamo is a joint-venture owned by the venture builder EPTI and the financial backend system / accounting service PE Accounting. EPTI currently has about 100 employees, is a partner in over 17 companies and has expanded the technical platform based on PE Accounting’s groundbreaking system. PE Accounting, which already in 2011 was the first in Sweden to automate accounting in a self-developed system that also includes salaries, stands for both knowledge in accounting and the digital platform Workamo is based on.

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